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    My lanolin has come solid in the tube. How do I fix this?

    You can choose to run it under some warm water or massage the tube with warm hands. This product does not have any preservatives, which can lead to it solidifying in cold temperatures. This does not have any effect on the product and will provide the same qualities once soft enough to spread.

    Do I need to wash off lanolin prior to a breastfeed?

    Simply answer, no. Lanolin has no preservatives, flavours, smell or parabens in it. This makes it completely safe for baby and mother. There is no need to remove prior to breastfeeding.

    What makes “The Breast Basket” so good?

    The Breast Basket has been created by a highly experienced midwife, who has perfected all the items you will need to start off on the right foot for your breastfeeding journey. The amount of breastfeeding products out there is overwhelming and many promises are made, but no results seen. With years of experience and trial and error of women using multiple products, the basket includes nothing but the best! Alongside the basket is a detailed booklet explaining when, why and how to use each product. It’s the next best thing to having a midwife sitting next to you. Don’t take our word for it. Try one today for yourself! 

    When should I buy the basket? 

    Anytime! The best time to start using some of the products is from 37 weeks pregnant. The weeks before baby’s arrival can be really important to get your body ready to breastfeed! The basket is a valuable addition to the early steps of breastfeeding, but can be used at any stage throughout you whole journey. The expressing kits are incredibly helpful to hone your breastfeeding skills prior to birth. There is a lot of information in the booklet to read, assisting in being prepared for when baby arrives. Ideally give/buy this basket for an expectant mother, however, if she has already had the baby every product will be important and well needed. 

    Would this be a good gift for an expectant mother? 

    This hands down would be the best gift you could give a mother expecting to breastfeed! There is so much information that can talk her through each product and when to use it included in the basket. It is also a time saver, limiting all the shops she needs to go to buy all the amazing products included. 

    What is included in the basket? 

    All breastfeeding essentials are included in the basket. Each of these products have been recommended and chosen by an experienced midwife. The baskets include a booklet written by the midwife to guide and support you through your journey. Other products included are a haakaa pump, fabric breast pads, antenatal expressing kit, a breastfeeding pillow (only in the larger basket), hydrogel breast discs, lanolin, and more!!

    How do I use the products? 

    Both the “Pure Essentials” and “Everything Included” baskets come with an in-depth booklet explaining how, when and why to use each product. The booklets have been written by a highly experienced midwife who has had years and years of helping mothers breastfeed successfully. The Breast Basket doesn’t want to sell you products, it wants to empower you with information. 

    Can I add a card if I have bought this as a gift? 

    Absolutely, during checkout, just enter the recipient’s name, your message and who it is from into the Order notes field. We will happily attach that to the basket prior to sending. 

    How long before I receive my parcel? 

    Shipping timeframe can be expected 2-10 days. Updates on any expected delays will be delivered to the purchaser by email. 

    Will this guarantee that I will successfully breastfeed? 

    Whilst The Breast Basket may help make a difference, no product alone can 100% guarantee a successful breastfeeding journey. However, the booklet is packed full of helpful information to help empower you and educate you on the complexities associated with breastfeeding. Please remember that the information in The Breast Basket is not intended to replace advice from your healthcare professional. If you need further guidance, please talk to your doctor, midwife, maternal and child health nurse or lactation consultant. With the right advice and products we hope to make a difference!

    Can I give the “What is this? & How do I use it?” booklet to my friends?

    Unfortunately, the booklet is a paid product and therefore cannot be reproduced or shared. Recommend your friend buy one of our baskets to not only have a booklet, but all the products discussed in the booklet. Please note that the booklet and its information is copyright and is not to be reproduced, published or redistributed.