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All the essential products chosen by a midwife to help you have successful breastfeeding journey

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All the breastfeeding essentials, chosen by a midwife.

The Breast Basket was created by a midwife who was frustrated at all the gimmicky items mothers purchased to help them on their breastfeeding journey. No gimmicks here! The Breast Basket has been hand-crafted to help mothers prior to birth up until they are well into breastfeeding.

“I loved that the basket came with this booklet and explained what everything was for and how to use it. As a first-time mum, I had no idea about feeding and what I would need and when. This booklet gave me the confidence and knowledge to start my breastfeeding journey on the front foot”

“It would’ve taken me so much research and time to figure out the products to buy and how to use them. Lucky for me, my amazing friends bought me the BEST GIFT EVER!!! I’m so grateful that I have literally everything I need from before baby gets here, with all the information on when and how to use it. It is the most comprehensive, hassle free gift ever!”

“There aren’t enough positive words I can say about the Breast Basket. It literally put me on the best path to support my breastfeeding. I learned SOOOO much from reading the booklet provided in the basket, when to use all the equipment and how has been invaluable information.”

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